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25 10, 2017

Processi Aziendali e Flussi di Lavoro

2018-12-11T06:26:44+01:00Ottobre 25th, 2017|BPM|

Processi Aziendali e Flussi di Lavoro L’azienda è l’insieme di processi che mette in atto! Un processo è una rete di attività, logicamente collegate, svolte ad un fine preciso. L’insieme dei processi documentati di un’impresa costituisce il Manuale della Qualità, questo manuale dichiara: “Io sono l’impresa ABC produco [...]

3 06, 2017

KeyVision Project revisited

2022-07-04T11:40:26+02:00Giugno 3rd, 2017|KeyVision|

KeyVision: The Programmable Visual Keyboard Project Rivisited A bit of history Back in the mid 80s I imagined keyboards with a 32x32 LCD display on each key, a new breed of keyboards not limited to be simple input devices but full fledged IO devices: Programmable Visual Keyboards (PVKs). [...]

26 03, 2017

Spin the Web Project

2022-06-22T09:26:10+02:00Marzo 26th, 2017|Spin the Web|

Spin the Web Project Spin the Web deals with the Webbase Description Language (WBDL). Simply put, HTML describes a single web page, WBDL, a whole web site; and, while HTML is interpreted by a client side web browser, WBDL, by a server side web spinner. It is this [...]

2 08, 1986

KeyVision Project

2018-12-11T06:29:51+01:00Agosto 2nd, 1986|KeyVision|

KeyVision: The Programmable Visual Keyboard Project [This is an excerpt from the original 1986 paper] Introduction Technical Aspects Hardware The LCDDIP unit The Programmable Visual Keyboard Software The SendCharacter() routine The SendFont() routine Economic Aspects Production Cycle Conclusion 1. Introduction I find it interesting to go back to [...]

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