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KeyVisions develops web portals, intranets, extranets, and websites: collectively referred to as webos. Webos are classified according to their target audience, i.e., company employees, company clients and suppliers, and the general public; webos expose functionalities, some simple, some rather complex, e.g., a web page that presents a company organizational chart, an interactive survey, a product catalog, a realtime company agenda, a product configurator, a CRM, a BPMS… Functionalities are web apps.

Web portal Intranet Extranet Web site
Company employees
Company clients and suppliers (B2B)
General Public (B2C)
Technology Spin the Web Spin the Web Spin the Web Spin the Web

The company eVerse

A company’s partial or total structure can be projected in a webo: the lobby, human resources, sales, marketing, production, logistics, administration, service, support… you name it; each of these areas serves web apps that address specific needs, some web apps satisfy cross-company needs, some are public other private, some expose everything other only a part based on authorization.

The development of a company webo has two main goals: document how things are done and provide a means for doing them. All wrapped up in a uniform, shared, accessible and protected environment; uniform should not be interpreted as monotonous, dull, or uncreative, on the contrary.

I sustain that webos are the natural containers of the quality management principles and manuals of a company, these two constituents comprise the soul of a company in the sense that they declare what a company is and what and how it does it.

Web Spinner and WBDL

Spin the Web

A web spinner "spins out" resources; what can be spun is described with WBDL and is in response to clients' requests and context.


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