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Web Misconception

A web site is a store window, a way to show products and sell them.

The narrow vision above is still widespread; really, this communication channel can and must be much more! Let’s think of it as a full-fledged company communication channel, that is, the company becomes its prime user for managing practically all business activities. It is then realized that the original narrow vision is but a part of a global vision.

A web site can harbor the company soul!

Small to large, national to international companies

Company data is assorted and scattered: you’ll find it, among others, in databases, files, emails, and streaming out of countless devices; to manage it, appropriate applications must be launched adding complexity to the scenery.
KeyVisions has been promoting, since 1998, the interaction with company data through a web browser; a single, harmonious access point for the whole company: production, customer service, administration, upper management, marketing, sales, logistics, purchases, but also for clients, suppliers and the general public, national and international. It’s not a question of replacing the company IT investments but make them more accessible through functional mashups. Essentially, KeyVisions is a system integrator and this is what it does:

  • ushers the Internet inside companies with an encompassing, far reaching vision
  • sets the foundations on which companies will be able to build unlimited functionalities
  • mentors technically prepared personnel on how to independently develop and maintain functionalities
  • tailors ad-hoc functionalities
  • develops and provide assistance remotely

To better understand the potential of this communication channel let’s build a prototype, the investment is limited, contact me.

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