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Web Misconception

A web site is a store window, a way to show products and sell them.

The narrow vision above is still widespread; really, this communication channel can and must be much more! Let’s think of it as a full-fledged company communication channel, that is, the company becomes its prime user for managing practically all business activities. It is then realized that the original narrow vision is but a part of a global vision.

A web site is the entry point to the company eVerse the entity that harbors the company consciousness and vitality.

Small to large, national to international companies

Company data is assorted and scattered: you’ll find it, among others, in databases, files, emails, and streaming out of countless devices; to manage it, appropriate applications must be launched adding complexity to the scenery.
KeyVisions has been promoting, since 1998, the interaction with company data through a web browser; a single, harmonious, access point for the whole company: production, customer service, administration, upper management, marketing, sales, logistics, purchases, but also for clients, suppliers and the general public, national and international. It’s not a question of replacing the company’s IT investments but making them more accessible through Internet Technologies while reducing costs.

KeyVisions is a system integrator and this is what it does:

  • ushers the Internet inside companies with an encompassing, far-reaching vision
  • sets the foundations on which companies will be able to build unlimited functionalities
  • mentors technically prepared personnel on how to independently develop and maintain functionalities
  • tailors ad-hoc functionalities, i.e., streamline and automate processes that the company software does not manage, nor cares to manage, or may manage at a great expense. This is KeyVisions’s predominant trait.
  • develops and provides assistance remotely

To better understand the potential of this communication channel let’s build a prototype, the investment is limited, contact me.

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