Case Studies

The development of web portals, most of the time, starts with the need to share essential company data, data often contained in spreadsheets, local databases, forms, catalogs… the list goes on and on, this file system approach is certainly a solution but can easily become a nightmare to manage and maintain: often, data is duplicated across the file system raising data alignment issues.

Web portals start by solving small issues, for example, access to phone extensions, company structure, policies, and communications; experience shows that users realize how far-reaching the concept is, requesting the possibility to, for example, request office supplies, a leave of absence, and welfare; the requests naturally escalate to, maintenance schedules, alerts, internal chat, clients and suppliers listing, orders, invoices, products and services, and dashboards. The data is scattered and mixed, web portals hide this intricacy, and the needs are diverse, but web portals with their coherent User Interface (UI) and User eXperience (UX) are the perfect integration solution.

Web portals management Spin the Web is not a tool for non programmers…


Web Spinner and WBDL

Spin the Web

A web spinner "spins out" resources; what can be spun is described with WBDL and is in response to clients' requests and context.

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