KeyVisions™ eSite


KeyVisions™ eSite is a software product for building and managing web applications of all sizes: it consists of a manager and an interpreter.
KeyVisions™ eSite Manager* (screenshot) is a productive frontend for managing webbases. A webbase is a formal description of a web application, it addresses, organization, authorization, content, navigation, and layout issues from simple web sites to multinational portals (our largest developments consist of hundreds of pages with thousands of contents).
KeyVisions™ eSite Interpreter is an IIS Active Server Component that serves webbases as Internet pages.

*KeyVisions™ eSite Manager is in English, Italian, and Spanish.

System Requirements

Microsoft® Windows Server with Microsoft® IIS and ASP Services and SQL Serverâ„¢.

The product does not require particular hardware, any box hosting the operating system above is sufficent; then again, the complexity of the hosted web application and the number of hits may warrant a better performing box: naturally, the greatest burden is on boxes providing data services.