Giancarlo Trevisan (2009)Welcome to KeyVisions™, creator of KeyVisions™ eSite, a company dedicated to information management coupled with web technologies.

My name is Giancarlo Trevisan*, the founder of KeyVisions™, my company proposes, develops and manages web based solutions that range from simple web sites to complex portals.

Our interest in information technology is deep, passionate, and focused on user experience. We have been concentrating on Internet technologies since 1996, applying them to production, logistics, customer resource management, sales force automations, document management, business process management…. With the advent of Internet and in concomitance with the first release of Microsoft® Active Server Pages (ASP), we have been developing and using KeyVisions™ eSite a software product designed to easily mashup data.

KeyVisions™ eSite was conceived during the early development of a corporate intranet (1998), back then there were no tools to easily mash-up contents so we built one. We proposed a web based solution to the ailing Customer Service department of a large company, why was it ailing? The call center was a nightmare, the agents had countless software applications to deal with for accessing mixed, dispersed data stores, that translated in steep learning curves and expensive IT management; we proposed to create a uniform, intuitive interface capable of accessing company wide data from a web browser: the ERP, OLAP services, relational databases, file system…. Back then KeyVisions™ eSite was a mashup tool designed for browsing data, it evolved to also a data editing tool. Today KeyVisions™ eSite is a web application development tool, some call it a Content Management System, call it what you want, it eases mashup developments.

Giancarlo Trevisan

*Since 1978 I have developed on many platforms and in many languages always keen on algorithms and user access guidelines. I consider what I do a form of Art. [M.I.T. Class 1987]