The Name

The name KeyVisions has its origins in the mid-1980s with the KeyVision project: the project envisioned a computer keyboard whose individual keycaps housed a small programmable 32x32 LCD, the LCD could show, real-time, icons and characters sets in various languages, fonts and styles, elevating the keyboard from a simple input device to an full fledge I/O device. Back then KeyVision simply stood for keycap with a screen, today KeyVisions is a synonym of essential views. KeyVisions™ was founded Jan 17th 1996.

The Logo - ancient emoticon

The KeyVisions™ logo represents a tilted head (the Greek letter alpha) gazing up in a thinking state, a thought (the Greek letter zeta) that weaves as it raises to a Trademark symbol: an expression of KeyVisions™ motto Visualize then Realize™.

  • The Greek alphabet, ancient symbols that cradle western philosophy
  • The letters α and ζ suggest a whole process (i.e. from A to Z), but the Greek alphabet starts with α and ends with ω, carpe diem