Web Misconception

Not many realize the potential of the web: it is an unbounded Communication Channel.

A web site is like a store window, a way to advertise and present the company products.

Unfortunately this narrow vision of the web is still widespread; really, this communication channel can and must be much more. Instead of envisioning it as a simple, public, informative channel, let’s think of it as a full-fledged company communication channel, that is, the company becomes its prime user for managing practically all business activities. It is then realized that the original narrow vision is but a part of a global vision.

Our target: small to large companies

There are no arguments, company data is assorted and scattered: you’ll find it in databases, files, and emails, in paper based document, and streaming out of countless input devices. To mange it, appropriate applications must be launched adding complexity and steeper learning curves to the scenery.
KeyVisions™ promotes the interaction with company data through a web browser; a single, harmonious access point for the whole company: production, customer service, administration, upper management, marketing, sales, logistics, purchases, but also for clients, suppliers and the general public. We do not replace the company IT investments we make them more accessible through functional mashups. Essentially, we are system integrators and this is how we work:
  • We bring the web inside the company with an encompassing, far reaching vision
  • We set the foundations on which the company will be able to build unlimited functionalities
  • We teach technically prepared personnel how to independently develop and maintain functionalities with KeyVisions™ eSite
  • We tailor ad-hoc functionalities.
  • We develop and provide assistance remotely.

To better understand the potential of this communication channel we can build a prototype, the investment is limited, contact us.